Day 4: August 11, 2010

Jeff Klenk, Marc Parker, Sean Hankins, Kevin Nuendank, Megan Mockbee

- This morning we began with presentations from every group about different historical sites that we have or will be seeing during our trip. Each group presented the engineering problems as well as achievements that influenced not only engineering in the United Kingdom but as well as globally.

- After the presentations we all went down to the tube and took to the Dockland Light Rail out to East London, which is the location of the main Olympic sites. We meet with Louise Stanley, a communication representative for CLM

- CLM is a joint venture between CH2M Hill, Chaingo Roqrke, Mace. CLM is the Project Manager of the Olympic build, while the ODA (Olympic Delivery Authority) is the client, with contracts being handed out to tier 1 contractors.

- The buildings that we saw on the guided tour of the construction site included

o The Olympic Stadium

 The above ground section of the stadium was designed as a temporary structure that can be removed after the games

o Velodrome

 The velodrome will have 2 separate HVAC systems

o Aquatic Center

 Has 2 temporary “wings” to increase capacity

o Olympic Village

 To be transformed into affordable housing after the Olympics

o International Media Center

 Only structure to be provided a parking garage for the games.

o Onsite Concrete Batch Plant

 To decrease cost of project as well as meet sustainability goals.

o Pump Station

 Worked past blueprints into fa├žade of outside concrete finished walls

- The Olympic project was created as a Demolish, Dig, Design. Demolish - they demolished everything on site and we able to recycle 96% of the waste into the project. Dig – they had to clean the contaminated soil as well as clean up any waste that was left from demolition. Design – the design process would allow for use of the Olympic buildings after the completion of the Olympics, and they are currently in the Big Build phase.

- The whole Olympic Site measures a total of 500 acres and there are only 2 entrances on and off site, with a total of 10,000 workers per day.

- At the end of the day, we had the opportunity to walk London as dusk while learning about Jack the Ripper. The whole of East London was terrorized throughout the 1800s with the brutal murder of 5 women that was never solved.

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