Day 1: August 8, 2010

Michael J. Dettloff, Emily A. Foote, Christina M. Imbriano, Joseph S. Lavanne, Gan Wei Phang

Today has been a really exciting day for those of us in the “Olympic Gold: London 2012” course. We were able to see two sites that most of us have only ever read about: Stonehenge and the Windsor Castle. It was wonderful to see these things, but it was also great to experience the excitement with our fellow classmates. Most all classmates were previously familiar with one another, but few started the trip as good friends.

For the most part, Stonehenge turned out to be what we were anticipating, but that does not take away from the magnificent display of ancient engineering that we saw. The mystery behind Stonehenge is intriguing, and we found ourselves contemplating different ways the monstrous stone blocks could have been transported over 200 miles, some 5000 years ago.

After visiting Stonehenge we traveled by bus to the Windsor Castle where we broke up in small groups for lunch. The whole scene was surreal, and it felt almost like an amusement park with a castle mural in the background. The castle was absolutely amazing. Our group has just completed a report on the engineering history of the structure, so it was exciting to compare what we saw with what we had learned during our research. With 484,000 square feet, the castle really is never ending, and the embellishments all throughout the castle are priceless. We are all really looking forward to the future events we have planned as a class!!

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