Well, we leave for London on Saturday.  I can't believe all the months of planning are finally coming to fruition! I hope I will be able to post often.


  1. Obviously, my intention to post often has not happened. We have had an action packed two days! We arrived at approximately 10:45 pm on Saturday. We were picked up at the airport by Susannah Kyte. She gave us such great commentary on our ride to Ramsay Hall. We learned a few new words like higgeldy, piggeldy. We also learned that it is not polite to discuss the word pants in public. Apparently, pants means undies in London.

    On Sunday, we visited the places the students described in their blog. I never think of my self as getting older until I try to keep up with 30 college students! My fellow program leaders and I are exhausted at the end of the day while our students are just getting geared up! Oh well, it forces us to stay thinking and acting younger.